• How to add a product to stock?

    Step 1: To Add a Supplier
    Navigate to 'Supplier' >> 'Suppliers'
    Click the icon 'New Supplier' on the right panel to add a supplier


    Step 2 To Add a Product
    Navigate to 'product' >> 'Stock History'
    Click the icon 'New product' on the right panel to add a product to stock


  • How to set a price for a specific customer group?

    Step 1 To Set Group Names
    Navigate to 'System config' >> 'Customer group'
    Click the icon 'New' to enter group name and description


    Step 2
    Navigate to 'Custmer/Sales' >> 'Customer', under the column 'Discount customer group', click 'Select' to allocate one customer group to your customer


    Step 3
    Navigate to 'Product>>Product', under the column 'Price', set the price for each customer group


  • How to manage Warehouse?

    Step 1
    Navigate to 'System Config' >> 'Branch'
    Click the icon 'New' to add a branch stock


    Step 2
    To view the branch stock, navigate to 'Product' >> 'Product', see the branch stock under the column 'Stock'


  • How to Create Order?

    Navigate to 'Order info' >> 'Order'
    Click the icon 'New order' (the '+' symbol to the right of 'Sales Commission') to add a new order for the customers


  • How to generate an invoice and send it to customers?

    Step 1 To Generate an Invoice
    Navigate to 'Order Info' >> 'Order'
    right click the icon 'Transfer into Invoice' on the right panel and generate an invoice


    Step 2 To Send the Invoice to Customers
    To see the invoice, navigate to 'Order Info' >> 'Invoice'
    Right click the icon 'Email' and confirm

    * * Other things you can do to the invoice * *
    View: right click the icon 'View' to see the invoice
    Edit: right click the icon 'Edit' to edit the invoice
    Download: right click the icon 'Download' to download the invoice
    Payment: right click the icon 'Payment' to add payment history


  • How to Set Email?

    Navigate to 'system config' >> 'Setting'
    Complete the Email