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We provides the cutting-edge analytical solutions for the small-medium business. We are experts in marketing analytics,
business intelligence, campaign design and analysis, and resource predictive and management.
Our mission is making you data-driven success.

 What We Provide ?

Our Technologies

 10+ years IT solution experience
 10+ years B2B business experience
 Amazon partner
 NLP, BigData, Machine Learning

Data-driven Inventory Management

  Predict commodities stocks using time-series analysis

Data-driven Marketing Analytics

  Customer segmentation
  Customer churn prediction
  Optimise the marketing return of the investment

Our Technologies

• Java8, Sping framwork, JPA

• NLP, Lucene, Machine Learning

• Thymeleaf, Vue, Bootstrap,

• Linux, Git, Gradle ......

• R

• Machine learning algorithms

• Big data technologies: SMACK

• Data-driven Models